The Environment

We at Architectural Paint Products Limited believe that environmental impact consideration is relevant not only cradle to gate, but cradle to grave. All of our products are manufactured with attention to the environment, and to demonstrate this the manufacturer is ISO14001 accredited.

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Our products are manufactured in the US to exceed the requirements of LEED and Green Seal Standards. In addition ,all products achieve the strict performance criteria required by the SCAQMD. In the UK, this ensures that all our paints contribute towards the requirements of BREEAM, credit point Hea9, and in Europe, ensures compliance with phase 2 (2010) of the EU VOC Directive (2004/42/EC).

Cradle to Gate

Our products are transported through the shipping network, which research shows is by far the greenest form of transportation.

Transport Intelligence Europe ‘found that the entire container voyage from China to Europe is equalled in CO2 emissions by about 200 kilometres of long haul trucking in Europe’

In addition, it is worth noting that despite procuring paint manufactured in the UK, the raw ingredients are often purchased overseas. The environmental impact of the ingredients often accounts for 80-90% of embedded energy within the paint and its manufacture.

Cradle to Grave

We believe our performance paints are market leaders in terms of environmental impact.

The unequivocal durability of our products and five year product guarantee, but a life expectancy well beyond, all result in a reduction in the number of redecorations required during the life cycle of a building.

Consider the environmental impact of a redecoration cycle,involving the use of paint and other decorating materials, with the raw ingredients, the manufacturing process with all its ancillary environmental downsides, the transportation and also the generation of waste and its disposal. There is also the actual energy expended in lighting and heating of the building being decorated, and the energy attributed to the workforce carrying out the redecoration.

EU directive 2008/98/EU, enforced by the Waste Regulations 2011 in the UK, requires all organisations to abide by the waste hierarchy, of which the optimal stage is prevention of waste. A reduction in redecoration cycles ensures full compliance with these Regulations. Click here to visit DEFRA for more information.

Not only are there significant environmental benefits derived from reducing redecoration cycles, but also benefits of cost savings, both direct and indirect. Over the full life cycle ,we are confident that we can present a greener and more cost effective solution to your decorating needs.

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